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Nutrition Environment Measures Survey for Restaurants (NEMS-R) are being provided to Woodbury County restaurants who are interested in increasing the availability of healthy foods and beverages. Learn more about the description of NEMS and NEMS-R. Restaurants score points for a variety of things. Some suggestions include offering baked chips, whole grain bread, 100% fruit juice, 1%, skim or noon-fat mile, low-fat or fat free salad dressing, non-fried side of vegetables, reduced-sized portions, menu notations that encourage health requests, and signs that encourage health eating just to name a few.

McCarthy & Bailey’s Irish Pub

After NEMS-R assessment added peas and carrots as a side options for sandwiches and burgers. Identified healthier menu options with a green heart. Added whole wheat bread and light salad dressing to menu. Added a grilled fish option to the fish sandwich. A “Go Healthy”message on top of salads to encourage adding grilled chicken or season shrimp. Placed table tents promoting healthier menu options on all tables in the restaurant.

Clyde’s Grill & Pub

After a NEMS-R assessment, five healthier entrees with a healthy side dish were placed on the menu and healthier options were identified with the Clyde’s logo. Three lite salad dressings were placed on the menu and dressing is served on the side. Salads and some entrees are available in half size portions and healthier options were promoted at the tables. A grilled chicken wrap and a grilled chicken breast served with fresh fruit was added to the kids’ menu with milk as the default beverage.

Warrior’s Sports Bar & Grill

After a NEMS-R assessment the following changes were made to the menu: a grilled chicken breast, grilled chicken wrap, veggie supreme pizza, and whole wheat pizza crust were added as options to the main menu. Steamed veggies, scalloped apples, a baked potato, and fresh fruit were added as side options. A grilled chicken breast was added to the kids menu and kids have a choice of a side dish and beverage (previously served french fries and a coke with all kids meals). Unsweetened tea, 1% milk, and 100% juice were added to the beverage menu. All healthier options are identified on the menu and table signs are used to promote the healthier options.

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Restaurants interested in assistance with increasing availability of healthier foods and beverages should call Angela Drent, Siouxland District Health Department Health Planner at 279-6119 or email

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