Chronic Diseases


The increased growth of medical care spending can be pinpointed to chronic diseases – specifically the chronic condition of Diabetes.

Fortunately, with behavior and lifestyle changes, increased access to care, and support; Diabetes can be managed and the risk of developing Diabetes can be reduced. Siouxland has three options for educational program for Pre Diabetes and self-management for people with diabetes.

Comparison Charts for Pre Diabetic and Diabetic Programming in Siouxland


Types of ClassesPre Diabetics
ProgrammingTwelve month program consists of 18 core sessions, 3 bi-weekly sessions followed by 6 monthly sessions led by a trained Lifestyle Coach
ReferralDoctor's Order
Cost$80 up front,
$30/mo for 11 months.
Potential scholarships available.
Contact(402) 404-8439 ex. 601

St. Luke’s

Types of ClassesPre DiabetesType 1 DiabetesType 2 DiabetesGestational DiabetesReaching Out for Better HealthIpro Continuous Glucose MonitoringDiabetes Express
ProgrammingHelps individuals at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes reduce their risk for developing the disease by taking steps that will improve their overall health and well-beingThe type of diabetes requires daily insulin injections. Often this is seen in children. St Lukes provides pediatric diabetes care for these younger patients.This type of diabetes often goes undetected. This type often occurs in adults. St. Lukes provides diabetes care for patients of all ages.Occurs during pregnancy and usually disappers. St. Lukes offers education and glucose meter training to pregnant women with this form of diabetes.A program for pre-diabetes/diabetes education.iPro Evaluations use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). An iPro evaluation will record your glucose levels for 72 hours (24 hours for 3 days) and will provide your healthcare provider with insights into how your diet, medication, and daily activities really affect your glucose levels.One afternoon or evening class of Type 2 diabetes training.
SchedulePre-registerOne-on-oneBi-monthly, WednesdaysUsually one-on-one2 10-week sessions yearlyOne-on-OneAfternoon classes: 1:30-4:30pm,
Evening class: 5:30-9:30pm
ReferralVoluntaryDoctor's OrderDoctor's OrderDoctor's OrderVoluntaryDoctor's OrderVoluntary
Self pay
Insurance PaymentInsurance PaymentInsurance PaymentFREEInsurance PaymentFREE
Contact(712) 279-3124(712) 279-3124(712) 279-3124(712) 279-3124(712) 279-3124(712) 279-3124(712) 279-3124

Mercy Medical Center

Types of ClassesPre DiabetesComprehensive Diabetes Self-ManagementGestational Diabetes
ProgrammingThis program to help individuals at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes reduce their risk by taking steps that will improve their overall health and well-being.Provides people with diabetes the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to successfully manage their diabetes and avoid complications.Occurs during pregnancy and usually disappears. Education and glucose training for pregnant women.
ScheduleNAEach month Tuesday and WednesdayNA
ReferralVoluntaryDoctor's OrderDoctor's Order
CostSelf payInsurance/Hospital AssistanceInsurance/Hospital Assistance
Contact(712) 279-2345(712) 279-2345(712) 279-2345