Worksite Gardens

fresh produce in basket

In 2015, The Worksite Fresh Produce Benefit program began providing support and information to companies to access fresh fruits and vegetable for the health of their employees. The Fresh Produce Benefit program allows employees to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in the work place during the growing season.

Interested in having increased access to fruit and vegetables? Get more activity in during the day? Consider a work site garden. Many organizations are starting to provide gardening as a wellness activity. Join the ranks of:

  • The Center For Siouxland
  • Siouxland District Health Department
  • Innovated Business Consultants
  • Mary J. Treglia
  • Unity Point
  • Sabre Industies
  • Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
  • Jackson Recovery
  • Downtown Partners
  • Siouxland Mental Health
  • New Perspective INC
  • Briar Cliff College
  • Opportunity Unlimited
  • June E Nylan Cancer Center

Sample Worksite Garden Policies

Sample garden policy page 1
Sample garden policy page 2